Locals face 14 years in jail over bush fires

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By Geoffrey Omara

Posted  Monday, February 24   2014 at  09:00

Apac residents have been warned that they face a 14-year jail term if they engage in starting bush fires. Apac District Environment Officer Jaspher Otimoi told journalists at the weekend that since December last year, a number of grass-thatched houses have been consumed by wild fires, with number growing on a daily basis.

Mr Otimoi described the practice as arson, which is being committed by villagers, including children, who are not aware of its legal implications. He promised to move to all sub-counties and sensitise the masses on the need to stop the practice.

Arson is a capital offence which attracts a 14-year jail sentence.

Recently, President Museveni and Members of Parliament called for a police investigation into wildfires that have destroyed a lot of property and displaced many people.

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