Tuesday May 20 2014

Locals fail to recover stolen animals

By Dan Michael Komakech

Kitgum- Authorities in Kitgum and Agago districts have stopped residents from pursuing suspected Karimajong warriors who had raided their livestock.

Over the past month, the residents said they have lost 17 head of cattle and 174 goats to rustlers. Those affected are Toboi, Lugerema, and Wipolo villages in Orom Sub-county in Kitgum and Morulem village, Layita Parish in Omiya Pachua Sub-County, Agago.

Tired of the practice, the affected residents convened at Toboi village armed with machetes, axes, bows and arrows and stocks of food stuff, to draw plans of how to move to Kotido and Kabong districts to recover their animals.

Mr John Bosco Ocen, who spoke on their behalf of those who have lost the livestock, noted that the constant raids have stripped them of their livelihood.

“We have decided to mount the search for the raided animals ourselves since we are aware of those who took them,” Mr Ocen said.
However, the Orom Sub-county chairperson, Mr Qurino Olum, advised the residents against confronting the armed raiders.
“You cannot compete with the warriors. As leaders, we cannot let you go. Otherwise, the warriors will finish all of you,” Mr Olum said.

After three hours of negotiations chaired by Mr Olum, the locals abandoned their plan. They, however, demanded that government beefs up the security or else they will risk and follow up the rustlers to retrieve their animals.