Thursday March 13 2014

Luweero budget clubs accuse health workers of stealing drugs

By samuel kaweesi

Village budget clubs in Luweero District have accused government officials and health workers of failing to curb the continued sale of government drugs yet they are supposed to be for free.

The clubs, tasked with monitoring service delivery for community projects claim coartem tablets and Mama kits are supposed to be distributed freely are now sold at clinics yet health centres lack the drugs.

“We also recorded complaints from residents that health workers at Nsawo Health Centre III in Katikamu Sub-county keep referring patients to private clinics which sell these government drugs,” Mr Vincent Kyomuhendo, a club member, told a meeting on Wednesday.

Ms Maria Nanono, also part of the monitoring group, claimed some health officials are always absent from duty but have time to attend to patients at their private clinics.

Ms Juliet Zawedde, the in-charge Nsawo, admitted some of her staff are lazy and do not report for duty, promising to address the concerns. “We are sorry that some drugs have found their way to private clinics. We hope district officials will find out how they find their way into private clinics,” Ms Zawedde said.

The assistant Chief Administrative Officer, Mr Henry Musisi, called for effective monitoring of the workers.