Luweero Votes: Ingrid Turinawe arrested

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Police, led by Afande Omara deploy in Luweero ahead of the vote count. Photo By Dominic Bukenya 

By Stephen Kafeero

Posted  Thursday, May 22   2014 at  19:08

Eight people have been arrested during the Luweero woman MP by-elections including FDC's Ingrid Turinawe.

Ingrid was arrested from Luweero district headquarters which is also acting as the tallying centre for the elections and whisked off to an unknown destination. The reason for her arrest has not been known yet.

The police continues to be heavily deployed in the area. This morning seven people were arrested and six were charged with defacing posters while the other was arrested for allegedly attempting to vote in his brother's name.

Meanwhile DP's Nabukenya continues to take the lead with her rival Rebecca Nalwanga slowly trailing.

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