Thursday December 31 2015

Lwengo opposition candidates to hold joint rallies


Lwengo. Following failed negotiations of The Democratic Alliance(TDA)summit in which Opposition political parties were expected to agree on a single candidate to contest against the ruling NRM for the various political positions, Opposition candidates in Lwengo District have formed alliances at constituency level.

The Democratic Party (DP) and Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) particularly took parallel paths, in which the former endorsed the Independent candidate Amama Mbabazi as their preferred presidential candidate, while the latter is sticking with Dr Kizza Besigye, the party flag bearer. In most constituencies across the country, the two parties also fronted parallel candidates to contest against the NRM flag bearers.

However, in Lwengo District, Opposition candidates have resolved to conduct joint campaign rallies and form common task forces through which they can reach out to the electorate and ask for support.
Mr Sadab Yiga, the FDC flag bearer for Bukoto West parliamentary seat, said the problem of financial sustainability throughout the campaign period has largely forced them to consider a merger that earlier failed at the national level.

The FDC candidate, now a close campaign agent for Rosette Nantongo, the DP candidate for Lwengo District Woman MP seat, said even other FDC candidates standing as councillors and sub- county chairpersons have embraced the newly formed alliance, which according to him is cost-effective.
“Many of the FDC candidates are financially constrained to facilitate their campaign rallies thus tapping into the advantaged Democratic Party candidates who have their own public address systems,” he said, while addressing a joint rally at Kyazanga Town Council on Tuesday.

“We also see this as one of the appropriate approaches towards ending NRM dominance in the district.” he added
Out of the four constituencies in Lwengo District, FDC has only two parliamentary aspirants in Bukoto South and Bukoto West, on top of four councillors and one sub- county chairperson while DP has failed to get a candidate for Bukoto West Constituency and some councillors.

“The alliance is only subjective to positions where both parties have no rival candidates and in places where the weaker ones can voluntarily stand down in favour of a stronger Opposition candidate against the NRM flag bearer,” he said. However, noted that he is optimistic the FDC higher authorities will have no problem with their arrangement .
Ms Nantongo said the alliance was to the advantage of the Opposition candidates who have a common task of out-competing the NRM.
She told voters that despite claiming allegiance and closeness to government and President Museveni, the NRM leaders in Lwengo have very little to show as their contribution to the area’s development.

“With all the years of supporting NRM, we are missing out on quality education, health services and safe water, among others. It’s time we get brilliant leaders that can put pressure on government,” she told voters that mobbed her up in applause.
Ms Nantongo is contesting against NRM’s Cissy Namujju and Sarah Nkonge (Ind.)

Lwengo District has three constituencies.In Bukoto South, DP’s Mathias Nsubuga is squaring off with Gertrude Nakabira(Ind.), Hajj Muyanja Mbabaali(NRM)and Julius Ssentamu(FDC) while in Bukoto Mid-west ,the incumbent Isaac Ssejoba(Ind.) is tussling it out with NRM’s Muyomba Kasozi. In Bukoto West, two new entrants Sadaq Mutebi (Ind.) and Iga Sadab (FDC) are facing off the incumbent Abdul Kittata (NRM).