Saturday May 3 2014

MP Dombo attacks Hyuha at NRM meeting

By Yahudu Kitunzi

The NRM meeting in Butaleja District which was convened to popularise the Kyankwanzi endorsement of President Museveni’s 2016 candidature turned chaotic after top party leaders in the district attacked each other.
The meeting at Kangalaba Secondary School in Himutu Sub-county on Wednesday was initially peaceful but it turned volatile after Emmanuel Dombo Lumala (Bunyole East MP) and Mr Dan Hyuha, husband of Uganda’s ambassador to Tanzania Dorothy Hyuha exchanged bitter words.

Trouble started when Mr Lumala accused Mr Hyuha, the district’s NRM league chairperson for People with Disabilities of breeding friction among party members in the district by opposing the party programmes.
He also accused him of telling people that he (Dombo) had an affair with his Ms Hyuha.

Although Mr Hyuha denied ever making such statements or opposing NRM programmes, Mr Dombo claimed that during the funeral of former Tororo District Education Officer Amiri Kirya at Kachonga in Naweyo Sub-county, Mr Hyuha accused him of travelling frequently to Tanzania in order to meet his wife.
However, Mr Hyuha dismissed Mr Dombo’s allegations as empty.
Mr Hyuha said his wife intends to contest for Bunyole West parliamentary seat against the incumbent Jacob Wangolo, but Mr Dombo has started a smear campaign to undermine her candidature.

“You can imagine Dombo who claims to be NRM has started holding meetings at night in order to fail my wife. And yet they all belong to one family of NRM,” said Mr Hyuha before calling for unity.
The fiery confrontation prompted former Butaleja District chairman Sam Hibinga and others to intervene to restore calm.

Ms Dorothy Hyuha warned that if such conflicts continued in Butaleja, the district would remain underdeveloped.
She said the inter-party political feuds had stifled service delivery in the district urging the wrangling NRM leaders to reconcile and stop extending their rivalry to the grassroots.

Last year, President Museveni tried to reconcile the two rivals at his country home in Rwakitura, but his efforts have not bore fruits yet.