Monday May 12 2014

MP accused of assaulting Bushenyi radio presenter


Police are investigating the Bushenyi-Ishaka Municipality MP, Mr Odo Tayebwa, over accusations of assaulting a radio presenter, a claim the lawmaker denies.

Mr Tayebwa is accused of assaulting Mr Moses Byendwa a.k.a Shaka Bitama of Bushenyi FM while he was conducting a press review last Friday.

Mr Bitama is said to have read statements in the press about the MP’s stand on the Presidential Initiative on Banana Industrial Development project in the area where he quoted him as saying that it was not helping residents and should be stopped.
The show heated up as listeners called in to respond to Mr Tayebwa’s position.

According to Mr Bitama, Mr Tayebwa appeared at the radio station later, forcibly entered the studio and started beating him.
“Mr Odo asked me to explain whether I am the one that took him to Parliament and how much it takes one to go there,” he said.
The presenter claimed that Mr Tayebwa retreated and waited for him at the reception but he escaped through another exit.

When contacted at the weekend, Mr Tayebwa denied the allegations, saying: “I don’t even know how that boy they are talking [about] looks like. I never assaulted him.”

Mr Bitama later reported the case at Bushenyi Police Station on Friday.
The district officer in charge of criminal investigations, Mr Peter Tidyebwa, confirmed filing the case and said: “We are going to summon him through the Speaker of Parliament and if he fails to turn up, we shall arrest and charge him using the law.”

Mr Pison Mugizi, the chairperson of the Bushenyi Journalists and Media Association, said the MP has undermined journalists’ work and demanded an apology.