Monday September 1 2014

MP hides from Constituents who wanted refuge at his house


By Our Reporter

Troubling scenes unfolded along Parliament Avenue on Tuesday when a lawmaker from Kasese tried to hide from constituents who had reportedly come to Kampala to seek refuge in his house.

As things turned out, the individuals were under the impression that the MP would house them as they feared for their lives. But the MP didn’t have money.

When they called the MP, he claimed he was inaccessible and apparently instructed his secretary to tell his apprehensive constituents that he had travelled out of the country. He then sneaked into Parliament through the South Wing gate. The MP, according to friends, took refuge in the Parliament canteen.

It’s alleged that a man identified as Ean Muwanguzi together with others had previously told the MP when he visited Kasese last month that his life was in danger and he therefore needed help.

Muwanguzi had told the MP that a group of infuriated Basongora who lost relatives during the tribal clashes in Kasese wanted him and his friends dead.

He said at one time he was arrested and tortured by people in plainclothes but later managed to escape. Some of his friends have since been arrested by police on allegations that they participated in the clashes.