Wednesday March 19 2014

Man camps at police to seek justice over stolen car

By Jessica Sabano

A man is camping at Mukono Police Station with his children after he reported a case of car theft last year, claiming no progress has been made.
Mr Yahaya Mabilizi, a resident of Ntawo village, has been camping at the station since Sunday claiming police mishandled the file of his taxi.
The car was stolen from Tumwebaze parking yard in Mukono Town.

“I am here with my family because my case has taken long and my file was misplaced. I do not have anywhere to get money to pay for school fees and feed my family since my taxi was giving me something,” Mr Mabilizi said.
He said he had taken a bank loan to buy the taxi and vowed not to leave the place until he gets justice.
Mr Mabilizi also said even when the court case commences, he will be commuting from police with his family for the hearing.

“I have been frequently coming to police to follow my case but they could tell me that my file was taken to court, and when I reach court they could tell me it is at police,” he said.

The complainant said the owners of the parking yard, Mr Sam Kaweesi and another suspect only identified as Alex, who had been arrested in connection with the car’s disappearance were released after two days.
“I asked a police officer why they released those suspects. He said they were on bond and not supposed to spend more than 48 hours in the police cells,” Mr Mabilizi narrated.

However, the district police commander, Mr Alfred Bagambaki, denied the allegations, saying: “We took them to court and they were granted bail.” The district police officer in charge of criminal investigations, Mr Henry Mugumya, said Mabilizi’s file is at court and the case will kick off tomorrow.