Thursday July 24 2014

Man kills self over Shs200

By Dan Wandera

Police in Luweero District has authorized the burial of the body of a man who reportedly committed suicide over shs200 disagreement with his wife.
Luweero District CIID chief, Mr Topher Gimei identified the deceased as Apollo Kigongo, a resident of Kachwampa village in Ssekamuli parish, Bamunanika Subcounty.

His body was recovered in a coffee plantation on Tuesday Morning following a misunderstanding with his wife on Sunday after he allegedly accused her of using shs200 to buy cooking oil for home use.

"We recovered the body of this man who allegedly picked a small bottle of herbicide, 24D which is applied on plants and disappeared from his home on Sunday. He had reportedly earlier on battered his wife after she used shs200 to buy cooking oil. His wife allegedly threatened to report him to police and disappeared with the small bottle which he later might have used to commit suicide", Mr Gimei said.

Police on Tuesday recovered his body from a coffee plantation after Mr Joseph Ssekimpi, the owner of the plantation found it as he was going to dig. Police also recovered an empty bottle of 24D herbicide which they suspect was the poison the deceased administered himself before collapsing to death.

The deceased's wife told police that she went to Ssekamuli police post to report her husband because he had beaten her after she used the shs200 to buy some cooking oil.

Police said investigations are on going to establish the circumstances under which Kigongo died.