Man threatens census official, arrested

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By Malik Fahad Jjingo

Posted  Monday, September 1   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

The suspect accused the enumerator of seducing his wife instead of doing census work.

Bukomansimbi- Police in Bukomansimbi District are holding a man for reportedly threatening to cut an enumerator with a machete and chasing him away.

The suspect, a resident of Kyabi village, Kibinge Sub-county, was arrested for threatening violence against Mr Sulaiman Ssezibwa, an enumerator, whom he accused of seducing his wife instead of doing the census work.

Mr Ssezibwa claimed the suspect arrived home a little after he had began interviewing his wife.
“But I was surprised that he picked up a quarrel with me [enumerator] as soon as he arrived,” he said.

The suspect is said to have been annoyed by the questions that the enumerator was asking his wife, which forced him to demand that he tears out the page on which the answers had been written.
However, Mr Ssezibwa refused; which annoyed the suspect. He picked a machete from the house and chased the enumerator, saying ‘I will kill you’. Mr Ssezibwa later notified police, who arrested the suspect.

Southern Region Police spokesperson Noah Sserunjogi, said the suspect will face charges of threatening violence, sabotaging government work, and disobeying lawful orders.

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