Friday February 19 2016

Manpower shortage delaying announcement of poll results in Gulu


Gulu. The returning officer, Gulu district, Mr Benson Obete has attributed the delay to declare the election results to shortage of staff.
Even as we speak now (10:15pm), Presidential and Parliamentary election results in Gulu district are yet to be pronounced, causing tension and agitation. It is the only district in Acholi Sub region where the returning officer is yet to declare the outcome of the election results.

In an interview earlier (mid-day),Mr Obete said shortage of tallying clerks explains the delay. He has since promised to declare the results at different intervals but he is yet to fulfill that promise.
He said the challenge we are grappling with is not so much the absence of the results but lack of human resources.
He said: “We have 332 polling stations here. And I only have two tally clerks who have to enter all the results in three computers, then scan them and decongest them as well.”

He continued: “The biggest issues we have been having are with the bigger polling station. And that is what is holding us. But we are managing and we hope to do our work well.