Mao, Otunnu warned on Besigye

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By Cissy Makumbi

Posted  Saturday, April 19   2014 at  01:00


The chairperson for Layibi Division in Gulu Municipality has told DP president Norbert Mao and UPC president Olara Otunnu to stop moving with former FDC leader Kizza Besigye on the opposition campaign trail for electoral reforms.

Mr Alfred Oluba was responding to the remarks made by Dr Besigye early this month in which he accused President Museveni of prolonging the insurgency in northern Uganda.

Mr Oluba, said Dr Besigye and his FDC successor Maj Gen Mugisha Muntu and renegade Gen David Sejusa are also responsible for the long war which caused suffering to the people in the north.

“I pity my brothers, Mao and Otunnu who are still moving in darkness to the extent of being in the company of Dr Besigye and his brother Muntu,” he said.
“Besigye is trying to run away from the truth. When he was in the UPDF, a lot of atrocities were committed here. Instead of apologising to us, he is insulting us the more by reminding us of what we went through during the Kony rebellion,” Mr Oluba added.

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