Mao launches task force in Bunyoro to woo voters

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Posted  Thursday, December 12  2013 at  12:10

Hoima- Democratic Party president Nobert Mao has launched a task force in Bunyoro region to mobilise voters ahead of the 2016 elections.

Mr Mao said the task force, comprised of 50 party leaders from Kibaale, Hoima, Masindi, Buliisa and Kiryandongo districts, will bring fresh blood and ideology in order to transform the region.

While addressing the leaders in Hoima District on Monday, the DP president encouraged the task force not to fear the ruling NRM party machinery.

Mr Mao told Bunyoro that its love affair with the NRM government had not yielded fruits. “The marriage between NRM and Bunyoro has been barren. DP has stepped forward to solve the problems of Bunyoro and transform this region,” he said.
However, the Hoima NRM secretary general, Mr Yunusu Mugabe, said the party had implemented infrastructural developments projects such as universal education and Naads that have uplifted the welfare of the people.

Mr Mao, a former Gulu Municipality legislator, castigated MPs from the region for allegedly being silent in the raging national debate on oil and gas.
“I am disappointed by the level of silence of MPs from this region about the oil debate in Parliament. They would be at the forefront demanding tangible benefits of the industry to come to the people here,” Mr Mao said.
“The more they become silent, the more they will reinforce suspicion that they have been compromised,” he added.
The region has been agitating for royalties and affirmative action on oil jobs, contracts, business opportunities and scholarships.
“Why should the King of Bunyoro come all the way to Parliament to present a petition about oil? It should have been you and MPs from this region to raise his demands. Bunyoro needs to increase its bargaining power in the oil industry,” Mr Mao said.

But the Bunyoro Affairs minister, Mr Ernest Kiiza, who is also the chairperson of the Bunyoro Parliamentary Caucus has on several occasions said the legislators have actively participated in the oil debate and fronted Bunyoro’s interests.

“The government is addressing all concerns of Bunyoro. The opposition is making those statements out of desperacy after realising that the NRM party is enjoying majority support in Bunyoro and will go ahead to win it with a landslide in 2016 as it has always done in previous elections,” Mr Kiiza said.