Tuesday July 29 2014

Mao to spend two more weeks in Nairobi

DP President Norbert Mao dancing with one of

DP President Norbert Mao dancing with one of the larakaraka dancers. FILE PHOTO 


Democratic Party (DP) President Norbert Mao has been given two more weeks in Nairobi, Kenya to complete his treatment.
DP Secretary General, Mr Mathias Nsubuga, while addressing journalists on Tuesday at the party’s weekly press conference in Kampala said that Mr Mao needs more time to complete medication without being disturbed by political issues.
“Mr Mao will be discharged very soon but the doctors have ordered him not to return to Uganda or engage in any political activities until he gets better. He needs to rest and we expect him to be discharged this week. However, he will not return to Uganda immediately. He will take more time in Nairobi in order to recover fully,” said Mr Nsubuga.
DP Legal advisor, Mr Mukasa Mbidde also said that Mr Mao’s condition is improving.
“I have been in touch with the people in Nairobi hospital and the reports I have indicate that our Mr Moa’s condition is getting better as compared to last week. We are very grateful Ugandan doctors (in Nairobi) who are attending to him. But some complications resulted from the wrong medication he received in Uganda which worsened his condition,” Mr Mbidde said
Mr Mao was last week admitted at Nairobi Hospital after he was diagnosed with pneumonia.
Mr Mao fell sick shortly after he arrived in northern Uganda to participate in the ongoing campaign for electoral reforms ahead of the 2016 polls.