Thursday May 29 2014

Masindi residents fundraise to build hospital pit-latrine

By George Muzoora


Residents in Masindi Town have launched a fundraising to construct a Shs7 million pit-latrine for the district hospital’s outpatient department to prevent any disease outbreak. The dilapidated facility collapsed recently.

Well-wishers responded to a call by Masindi News Network (Manet), a Facebook group of more than 5,000 people, mainly from Bunyoro region.
According to the Manet administrator, Mr Jonathan Akweteireho, the residents had realised about Shs1.5m in the last three days.

Masindi hospital authorities have advised patients to use other toilets within the hospital but the nearest is about 300 meters away from the outpatient department.

Mr Akweteireho, the civil society activist said, their efforts would assist government offer services to the community. “We shall not keep lamenting that government has done nothing but at times government money delays because of bureaucracy,” he said.

Mr Akweteireho also said the drive is backed by district authorities, adding that a joint bank account had been opened in Equity Bank, Masindi branch where he is a co-signatory with Dr John Turyagaruka, the district health officer.