Monday April 28 2014

Mbabazi is campaigning secretly, says youth leader

By Martin Ssebuyira

Kampala- A National Resistance Movement (NRM) youth leader yesterday accused Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi of conniving with some of their colleagues to promote his supposed presidential bid.

The NRM National Youth Coordinator, Mr Joseph Mukasa Ssewava, said the move will split the party ahead of the 2016 general elections.

“He appears in public places denying the bid to contest but later invites the some youth at his home during the night and facilitates them to drive his presidential bid,” Mr Ssewava told journalists at his office at Kajjansi on Entebbe Road.

Mr Mbabazi, who is also the NRM secretary general, could not be reached for a comment as he did not pick our repeated calls. However, his spokesperson, Ms Josephine Nkangi, denied the allegations the youth levelled against the prime minister.

“There is no crime to stand for presidency,” Ms Nkangi observed. “But Mr Mbabazi has openly said he has no interest to stand for Presidency and has not sponsored anybody to campaign for him,” she said in a separate interview. Ms Nkangi urged Mr Sewava and his group to engage in more meaningful debates other than cheap talk.

Mr Mbabazi also told journalists recently that it is not a crime to harbour presidential ambitions but insisted that he does not harbour intentions of standing against President Museveni.

However, Mr Ssewava who is also the chairperson NRM Youth League in Wakiso District, said they are aware that Mr Mbabazi would sway the allegiance of NRM youth from Mr Museveni to his side “which is not in the best interest of the NRM party.”

“He is aware that the similar mistake done at the Uganda Peoples’ Congress (UPC) delegates’ conference in 1964, when some youth were chased from the party and they formed a strong opposition that later saw UPC kicked out of power,” he pointed out.