Monday March 21 2016

Mbabazi lawyer denies breaking into own office

Mr Fred Muwema has refuted claims that he was

Mr Fred Muwema has refuted claims that he was involved in the alleged break in his office early this month 

By Othman Semakula

Mr Fred Muwema, whose offices together with Mr Mohmed Mbabazi were broken into by an alleged armed gang recently, has denied involvement, saying the claims on social media “read like a stanza from some comical script”.
Both Mr Muwema and Mr Mbabazi are key members of Mr Mbabazi’s legal team challenging Mr Yoweri Museveni’s February 18 presidential election.
In a statement released Monday, Mr Muwema, maintains that he is still part of Mr Amama Mbabazi legal team: “…the claim that our Fred Muwema was paid Shs900m to undermine the presidential petition is utterly reckless.”
“We believe that the false propaganda being spread is a handiwork of some bellicose individuals within or outside the State machinery who desire to torment our client and draw a wage between us and his legal team,” he added.
The denial follows claims published last week by a one TVO on social media claiming that Mr Muwema was compromised by alleged security agents to stage-manage a break-into his office and another of Mr Mbabazi to steal evidence linked to the petition currently before court.

TVO is a notorious blogger on police’s most wanted list, who has on several occasions revealed alleged State secrets.
Police, even with a number of arrests has not successfully proved and prosecuted anyone who blogs using the TVO moniker.
In the statement, Mr Muwema said the public should not be duped by “accusers who are afraid to disclose their true identities and hide under pseudo names” but come forward with key leads, which could help arrest of perpetrators.
“Any person with useful leads or information should come forward in person and not hide behind pseudo internet names to defame and insult others,” he said, adding his non participation in the petition had been discussed with his client (Mr Mbabazi) and was still a strong member of the team given that he had actively participated in preparation of the petition.

Ms Josephine Nkangi, the Go Forward spokesperson, said for “anybody to claim that (Mr Muwema broke into his own office) is utter stupidity”, adding there could be a conspiracy to paint the picture that indeed Mr Muweme could have been compromised.
“Did he also break into Mr Mohmed [Mbabazi’s] office? We all saw the damage that was done at an office that is a few metres away from Wandegeya Police Station. Let us use some common sense because I don’t think it is Mr Muwema who is also arresting our witnesses,” she said.
However, she declined to comment on why Mr Muwema has not actively participated in the petition at court level.

Mr Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson said they were still conducting investigations, however, he said police scene of crime officers had visited and lifted finger prints from the two offices.
“Yes a few things at Mr Mbabazi’s offices had been tampered with, especially at the secretary and reception’s offices but at Mr Muwema’s most of the things were intact. We are still investigating,” he said.