Friday November 13 2015

Mbabazi opens online campaign radio


Kampala- “Welcome to This is AmamaRadio. The new generation for Uganda,” are the first words you will hear when you tune in to the latest radio station in town.

Former prime minister Amama Mbabazi has added a tinge of information technology to the campaign, opening an online radio station to be officially launched next week.

Speaking to Daily Monitor yesterday, Mr Mbabazi’s spokesperson, Ms Josephine Mayanja-Nkangi, confirmed the radio is their campaign team’s platform, established to reach a wider audience and manouvre through a campaign dogged by State harassment when their agents appear on local radio stations.
In the content this newspaper has listened to so far, the radio, accessible on has recordings of FDC presidential candidate Kizza Besigye explaining his role in The Democratic Alliance’s botched joint presidential candidate project.

“There was no consensus on getting a joint candidate and therefore, there is no joint presidential candidate.” In other recorded segments, Mr Mbabazi speaks passionately of the ruling party’s achievements and his tone gets disillusioned as he describes how Uganda has now become a police State.

The radio has recordings of a man outlining the fulcrum of Mr Mbabazi’s presidential bid, hinged on a peaceful transition of power, stamping out corruption, uplifting the rule of law while ensuring security and closing social service delivery gaps.
Ms Mayanja said the radio’s target audience is one million people across the world, mainly from the Diaspora, youth and corporate class who can access the Internet.