Mbale cholera cases rise to 110

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Posted  Thursday, January 21   2016 at  02:00

Mbale- Authorities in Mbale District have expressed concern over the rising cases of cholera.

Acting district health officer Jonathan Wangisi said since the epidemic broke out in December, cases have shot up from 56 to 110 while five people have died.

Dr Wangisi said at least four new cases are registered every day.

“The cumulative figures of cholera are worrying. This is compounded by many factors, and among them is lack of clean water in many areas,” he said.

Dr Wangisi said the most affected is Bunghokho-Mutoto which has contaminated water sources and no pit-latrines.

The district health officer said some private clinics admit suspected cholera victims without referring them to the isolation centres.

He also noted that some residents associate cholera with witchcraft. “Some of them have run away from the isolation centres but the team is tracing them,” he said.

Suspected cholera cases have been confined in two treatment centres.

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