Tuesday December 1 2015

Mbale roads revamped


Mbale. A contractor has started covering Mbale Municipality roads with asphalt after nearly two years of dust.
According to the municipal engineering department, the road works are expected to be completed this month, almost a year ahead of schedule.
Mbale Municipality engineer, Mr Edson Kasata, said last Friday that the contractor delayed due to a fault in the designs by Prome Consultants.
He added that there were defects, including reduction of the roads size. They had been raised to a higher level than the previous one leading to flooding of people’s shops whenever it rained.
Mr Kasata said they contracted Blessed Consultants to redesign the road. He said Plinth Technical Services is carrying out the construction and rehabilitation works on the roads at a cost of Shs12 billion.
The roads are being constructed under World Bank-funded Uganda Support to Municipality Infrastructural Development (USMID) programme.
Plinth Technical works project manager Richardson Babiha said the project, launched in June 2014, was to be completed by July this year but that there was a delay caused by poor designs by the original consultants.
“...we are able to redesign to provide for a larger parking area and provide an avenue for flowers within the municipality,” said Mr Babiha.
Mbale town clerk Charles Lwanga described Plinth Construction work as perfect and that laying asphalt will give Republic Street and Pallisa Road the desired look.
Other roads under construction include Mugisu Hill Road and Nabuyonga Rise normally used as a by-pass for heavy trucks connecting Tororo to Soroti highway.
Plinth is also undertaking construction works on selected roads in Soroti and Tororo municipalities.