Wednesday July 30 2014

Midwives use polythene bags during delivery

By Steven Ariong

Apeitolim Health Centre II in Lokopo Sub-county, Napak District, which serves more than 26,000 patients from Katakwi, Amuria, Abim, Kotido, Moroto and Napak districts, is facing a host of problems.
The facility is facing shortage of drugs and equipment.

Ms Christian Teko, a midwife at the health centre, says the drugs supplied by the National Medical Stores are not enough for the huge number of patients the facility caters for. She adds that due to shortage of drugs at the facility, sometimes patients are sent to buy drugs from private clinics.

The facility has on several occasions ran short of gloves, forcing health workers to resort to using white polythene bags.
According to Ms Teko, 20 women deliver at the health centre every week.
The health centre has only one ward, which is shared by children, women and men. There is shortage of beds and mattresses in the congested ward.

“Some times we get curtains and divide and form two wards; one for male and the other female because we have no wards,” Ms Teko says.
Ms Sarah Ngorok, a women attending to her sick children at the facility, says when an expectant mother reaches time to deliver, other patients are sent out of the ward to create space.

The Napak District health officer, Dr James Lemukol, says: “It is true that the health centre lacks many things, especially drugs, but we have called for a meeting with the team from the National Medical Stores to see how they can revise the distribution of medicine to the health facilities in Napak.”