Minister, CIID chief differ on Kenya official’s papers

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Posted  Friday, December 20   2013 at  00:00

In Summary

The CIID boss says she is still investigating the papers which Education minister Jessica Alupo passed as authentic.


Kampala- Uganda’s Education minister and the head of the country’s criminal intelligence have clashed over investigations into the authenticity of the academic qualifications of the Governor of Mombasa County in Kenya.

Whereas Minister Jessica Alupo says Mr Ali Hassan Joho’s degree from Kampala University was certified by the National Council of Higher Education (NCHE), Ms Grace Akullo, the CIID boss, insists she must conclude her own parallel investigation into the matter.

In a letter to President Museveni dated December 9, minister Alupo said her office had obtained documentary evidence that Mr Joho studied at Kampala University.

“The purpose of this communication, therefore, is to forward to you the letter from the National Council for Higher Education together with all the relevant attachments for your information and necessary action,” she wrote to the President.

In her report, the minister cites a December 5, dossier passed to her by the executive director of the NCHE, Prof John Opuda-Asibo, indicating that Mr Joho had been cleared and that his degree in business administration was dully awarded.

Prof Opuda also asked the CIID, which had been tasked by President Museveni to carry out a parallel investigation into the matter, to drop their inquiry.

Citing the Universities and Other Tertiary Institutions Act, Prof Opuda said the law mandated NCHE to investigate complaints relating to academic qualifications, not the CIID.

“NCHE believes that the above captioned matter should be drawn to a conclusion, since there is no further evidence to suggest otherwise,” Prof Opuda said in his letter to minister Alupo.

But writing back on December 13, Ms Akullo, the CIID chief, said Prof Asubo’s assertion that there was no further evidence in Joho’s case was misleading and meant to frustrate investigations.

Ms Akullo said although Kampala University furnished the NCHE with documents in defence of Mr Joho’s academic papers, it does not mean that the Kenyan politician had passed through the due process.