Wednesday August 6 2014

Minister asks Kabale chairman to leave house


The Minister of Local Government, Mr Adolf Mwesige, has asked the Kabale District chairman, Mr Patrick Besigye Keihwa, to vacate a council house over failure to pay rent.

The Kabale District council recently petitioned the minister to intervene in the matter as the chairman had failed to clear Shs16m in rent arrears, which have been accumulating 2011.
In a July 21 letter, Mr Mwesige asked Mr Keihwa to clear the rent arrears or leave the house.
The district council purchased the house in 2000 at a cost of Shs34m.

The council agreed that the house be rented for purposes of generating revenue.
Mr Keihwa, who has been occupying the house since 2011 has failed to pay, which recently prompted council to ask him to vacate the district property.
“The district chairperson is advised to vacate the district house or pay the rent if he wishes to continue occupying the house given that his benefits are consolidated in the salary he earns,” the minister’s letter reads.

Mr Keihwa on Monday acknowledged receipt of the letter, saying he was ready to vacate the house but insisted he would not pay rent arrears as demanded by council.
However, the chairman of the district finance and administration committee, Mr Benson Ainebyoona, said Mr Keihwa must pay rent arrears because it had been reflected in the 2014/15 Financial Year as a debt.