Minister revokes suspension of Ntungamo chairman from council

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Posted  Tuesday, December 17  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The district chairman was suspended from attending council sessions for alleged misconduAAct, a claim he denies.


NTUNGAMO- The Local Government minister has rescinded a decision by the Ntungamo District Speaker, Mr Dan Nabimanya, to suspend the LC5 chairperson, arguing that it was irregular as there was no misconduct registered.

Mr Nabimanya last month dismissed Mr Denis Singahache from council meetings indefinitely accusing him of misconduct after the chairperson refused to respect the council’s decision rejecting his nominees for the public accounts committee.

Minister Adolf Mwesige, who was on Friday addressing the district council over the conflicts between the council and the district executive, however, urged the district executive to respect the speaker and always follow the law.

Some councillors had petitioned the minister to intervene. They also wanted him to investigate alleged illegal use of the district land by the executive members.
Councillors accused the speaker and chairperson of promoting cliques in the district administration. Mr Mwesige called for mutual respect and said all irregularities would be investigated.

He directed district speakers to put LC5 chairpersons’ communication and that of resident district commissioners on order paper for every council session.

“I need to be educated, why wouldn’t the district chairperson be given space to speak to council? A council begins and ends when the representative of the President has not spoken, a council begins and ends when the member of Parliament present, elected by people has not spoken, what council is that?” Mr Mwesige asked

Mr Singahache said: “I am simply being treated like a kid, like a lunatic. I came here by vote of the people but the way I was treated in the council meeting looked shabby. Everything I bring in council as executive is ‘beaten’ and yet I am the one who campaigned for this speaker.”

However, Mr Nabimanya said: “All we are doing here is to put things right but when you tell the chairman he thinks you are undermining him, that is what is causing problems.”
Adolf Mwesigye directive

“I am therefore giving my guidelines on order paper and it will be as follows: The national anthem, prayer; because we also pray in Parliament, communication from the chair, in this case who is the speaker of the council, the district chairperson and other council visitors, the members of Parliament or the minister if present and then you get to normal council business. That’s my guidance on the order paper and I will put it in writing,” Mr Adolf Mwesige said.

He said the arrangement would apply to all district local governments because there are similar conflicts between speakers and LC5 chairpersons.

He added that a councillor should never be denied chance to speak in council because he does not speak or understand English. “The speaker needs to be flexible,” he said.