Tuesday February 25 2014

Minister roots for women in top posts

By Paul Tajuba

The State Minister of Gender and Culture, Ms Rukia Nakadama, has urged organisations in the country to always front women in top positions because they are more efficient than men.

Speaking at the celebrations to mark 20 years of Stromme Foundation, an NGO, and 10 years of Stromme Microfinance East Africa Limited existence in Uganda, Ms Nakadama said women efficiencies were better than those of their male counterparts due to a parental manner that aims at benefiting the organisation.

“If you want work to be done, give it to a man but if you want it to be done best, give to a woman,” Ms Nakadama said.

Stromme Foundation supports universal primary schools to build classrooms, take care of street children, advocates feeding in schools and has poverty alleviation programmes, especially among women.

Ms Priscilla Serukka, the regional director of the foundation, said through partnerships, with over 25 registered local organisations and community-based organisations, pupils’ enrollment and retention has increased, adding that school performance, especially in western Uganda, has improved.

Development projects
She also said school dropouts have been enrolled in Mazungmzo programme for basic entrepreneurial skills, human rights and used culture and arts to provide life skills trainings for youths, behavioural change to reduce the spread of HIV/Aids and drug abuse.

Ms Serukka, however expressed regret of corruption tendencies in some organisations, leading to cancellation of their partnerships.

Mr Oyvind Aadland, the secretary general of the foundation, urged the government to uphold good governance and peace as key the drivers of development.