Minister suspends Mbale market lock-up allocations

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By Isaac Imaka

Posted  Saturday, April 26   2014 at  00:00

The process of allocating people lock ups and stalls in Mbale market will have to wait until the disagreements over who the rightful and deserved vendors and lock-up operators, are solved.

The minister of Local Government, Mr Adolf Mwesigye, was compelled by members of Parliament to stop the process and address complaints ranging from suspected influence peddling by some officials in his ministry, and flawed registration of vendors, which led to well deserving locals to be elbowed out.

“I am travelling to Mbale on Saturday (today) and I will spend a week there to ensure that I personally handle these issues,” he said. “In the meantime, I suspend the allocation process until I handle what this parliament has asked me to do.”

While debating the ministerial statement on the implementation of the markets and agriculture trade improvement programme (MATIP), MPs, especially those from Mbale District, contested what they called poor handling of the new Mbale market allocation process.
The legislators said the new market lock ups are being given to rich people and those connected to government officials, contrary to the original intention of constructing the markets to help the poor people.

“These markets were supposed to be for the poor vendors but the situation ii different,” Mbale municipality MP, Wamanga Wamai, said, adding: “The agreement was that the people who were operating in the market before the new upgrade would be the first to get the facility but that’s not the case now.”
Mbale market is part of the 26 markets government planned to construct around the country under the MATIP.

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