Minister wants Lira anaemia cases probed

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By Hudson Apunyo

Posted  Sunday, December 29  2013 at  02:00

In Summary

The minister, who was touring Lira Regional Referral Hospital, noted that most patients were anaemic.



After physically examining some patients at Lira Regional Referral Hospital, the minister of State for Health in charge of General Duties, Dr Elioda Tumwesigye, observed that most of them were anaemic and ordered for an investigation.

Anaemia is the condition of having insufficient blood in the body. “We need some research on anaemia. Everybody I was checking had no blood, why? If it goes unchecked, it’s like mopping a floor without closing the tap,” Dr Tumwesigye said last Thursday.

The minister, who took time examining patients and questioning medical personnel, advised the medical staff not to pass their problems onto the patients who are already traumatised.
“When they come, receive them well. I know we have many challenges but let’s not transfer our frustration to the patients,” Dr Tumwesigye advised the medical staff.

He also directed one of the doctors to report to him about the progress on a patient he examined and found highly anaemic. He informed the nurses that their medical uniforms would be supplied in January.