Ministries’ water supply cut off over Shs200m debt

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Posted  Monday, February 3   2014 at  02:00


Tenants at Postel Building, including ministries and government departments, are engulfed in a crisis after National Water and Sewerage Corporation (NWSC) disconnected the water supply over Shs205m arrears.
For a week now, this newspaper has learnt, staff at the Ministry of East African Community Affairs, Ministry of Water and departments under the Office of the Prime Minister have had to brave the water challenge with some resorting to working half day.

Mr Shem Bageine, the minister for East African Community Affairs, blamed the landlord, Posta Uganda, for not clearing its water bills.
“We have paid our rent… Let them clear the bills,” he said.
Posta Uganda Managing Director James Arinaitwe instead castigated the ministry for allegedly defaulting on rent.

“None of them has informed me of the water crisis,” Mr Arinaitwe said, adding “If the minister told you they have paid their rent, let them show you receipts. They have not even paid for this quarter (January-March 2014).”
He said utility bills were a responsibility of the ministry. “It is the tenant meant to pay the water bills not Posta Uganda. Does your land lord pay your water bills at home?” he asked.

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