Missing FDC candidate found

Mr Alex Byaruhanga, 27, went missing on Monday, February 1.

Tuesday February 9 2016

Ibanda South parliamentary candidate

Ibanda South parliamentary candidate Alex Byaruhanga 


IBANDA- FDC party officials in Ibanda District have confirmed that their candidate for Ibanda South Constituency, who went missing last week, has been found in Kampala.

Mr Alex Byaruhanga, 27, went missing on Monday, February 1, around 8pm.

He is competing against the incumbent and NRM flag bearer, Mr John Byabagambi, and Mr Peter Takahikire, an Independent.

Mr Byaruhanga says he was kidnapped and kept in a secret location in Kampala. He said he was later dumped near Nsambya Police Barracks last Thursday.

He arrived in Ibanda District last Saturday aboard Ibabu Bus from Kampala.
The FDC general secretary for Ibanda, Mr Charles Tweheyo, said Mr Byaruhanga was then taken to Ibanda Central Police to make a statement, before meeting his family.

Addressing journalists at the FDC party offices, Mr Byaruhanga narrated that last Monday at around 8pm while walking on Bufunda Street to his rented house, a white Premio car suddenly stopped near him.

Two men opened the door and asked for directions to Mpiira Street.

“As I was directing them, a third person who was not in the car came from behind and forced me into the car, closed the doors and put a piece of cloth on my eyes. I tried to raise an alarm but I was told to shut up or be shot. My hands were tied and they drove up to Mbarara Town,” Mr Byaruhanga said fighting back tears.

He further explained that the three men then handed him over to another group who drove him in a Prado to Kampala where he was kept in a dark store.

He said he was given a small bed and was being fed on mineral water and a mixture of matooke and beans.

He was last Thursday dumped on Kevina Road near Nsambya Police Barracks in Kampala. He says he was helped by travellers who took him to police.

Mr Byaruhnga holds a Bachelor’s of Laws from Uganda Pentecostal University, Fort Portal, and a Diploma in Law from Institute of Legal Practices College, Kigali in Rwanda.

Ibanda District police commander, Mr Denis Ocaya, confirmed that Mr Byaruhanga had returned to Ibanda District and his office has recorded his statement and investigations are ongoing.