Friday June 20 2014

Moyo, S. Sudan leaders reject gun use in land rows

Obongi County MP Hassan Fungaroo (L) receives money from

Obongi County MP Hassan Fungaroo (L) receives money from Mr Manasi Lomule, the deputy governor for Central Equatoria in South Sudan, as a sign of bridging peace during a meeting in Moyo District on Wednesday. Photo by Felix Warom Okello 


Moyo- Leaders from Kajo-Keji county in South Sudan and Moyo District holding talks to resolve land disputes have denounced the use of guns.

Residents in most parts of Moyo, especially in Lefori Sub-county, have been attacked by gunmen for more than four years over land wrangles.

Mr Andrew Kahindo, the district internal security officer, confirmed that some of the issues they had agreed on was removal of illegal check points.

He said security personnel would not be allowed to cross the border with arms unless there is official communication.

The meeting, which took place at Afoji border post on Wednesday, urged elders to mediate over the conflicts by offering history on the disputed land.

A source, who attended the meeting, told the Daily Monitor that the media were advised to report on land matters with clearly verified information.

In November 2010, President Museveni and his South Sudan counterpart Salva Kiir met in Moyo to resolve the land disputes.

The two leaders agreed that no activities should be carried out on the land and called for a survey to establish the right borders.

Recently, about 31 residents of Kajo-Keji camped in Wano village on a disputed piece of land in Moyo.