Mubende barracks attackers identified

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Posted  Sunday, June 22   2014 at  01:00

In Summary

The police said they recovered a mobile phone which the attackers abandoned during the shoot out. The police say the phone contains valuable information about the attackers.

Kampala- Police have said they have identified the people behind the attack on Mubende Police Barracks on Wednesday.

The police said they recovered a mobile phone which the attackers abandoned during the shoot out.

The police said the phone had information about the attackers.

The mobile phone was in an abandoned jacket also belonging to one of the injured attackers.

Mr Fred Enanga, the police spokesman, said the prime suspects were still in hiding but did not disclose their identity or category.

However, he ruled out that the attackers were rebels or terrorists. “We can authoritatively say that we have good leads on those who were responsible for the attack on our facilities at Mubende Police Station,” Mr Enanga said, adding: “The thugs left a lot of evidence at the scene when our officers engaged them in a shootout.”

On Wednesday, armed men attacked the residences of Mubende police commanders, including the District commander, Mr Enock Abaine and the Officer-in-Charge of Operations, Mr Dan Ampadde.

The suspects fired several bullets into the door of the operations commander, though they didn’t injure him. His guards shot back at the attackers, who engaged them in a fire exchange for several minutes before they escaped.

Gen Kale Kayihura, the Inspector General of Police, visited the scene and held a closed meeting with the police officers.

Mr Enanga, however, said they are moving “cautiously before carrying out the arrest because we want to have the real targets.”
“Detectives have extracted printout of the phone numbers on the recovered mobile phone and the results are positive,” Mr Enanga said.

He added: “Preliminary investigations show that the attackers had targeted specific individual police officers, but not the entire station.

They even had a map of the barracks and who to attack. Fortunately, they abandoned the map at the scene.”


This is the fourth incident in less than a month that gunmen are attacking police stations.
A fortnight ago, a gunman entered Nsambya Police barracks and stabbed to death a constable called Mukama.

In February this year, a Flying Squad operative, Hajj Abdu Ssebagala, was gunned down near his home near Entebbe Road in Kampala.

A suspect in Ssebagala’s murder was last week arrested by police.

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