Monday May 5 2014

Mufti bans use of Koranic verses as phone ring tones


The Mufti of Uganda Sheikh Shaban Ramadan Mubaje has issued a Fatwa (Islamic legal pronouncement) banning ring tones in which Koranic verses are recited.
According to a statement issued by Uganda Muslim Supreme Council over the weekend, the mufti made the pronouncement at Naguru, Nakaseeta in Wakiso District during the burial of Ibrahim Ddumba, former Sheikh in charge of Muslim prisoners in Uganda.

Citing Islamic teachings in the Holy Koran, the Mufti said Muslims are required to pay maximum attention whenever the Koran is recited and not indulge in any disrespectful actions or behaviour.
He noted that when people use the Koranic verses as ring tones, they interrupt the recitations by either pressing buttons to either answer or reject the calls.

According to the 2002 National Census, Muslims constitute 30.1 per cent of Uganda’s population but strict Islamic principles are rarely applied because of absence of Sharia /Khadis Courts.
Article 129 of the Constitution provides for the creation of Sharia or Khadis civil courts, but under the current legal regime, Khadi courts’ decisions are not legally binding.

Mr Uthuman Mutawe, a practicing Muslim and a business man in Kampala welcomed the pronouncement but wondered how it will be applied when phones are personal gadgets which the Mufti has no control over.