Multiparty politics kills districts growth, says minister Todwong

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Posted  Wednesday, August 20   2014 at  23:00

In Summary

Minister Tadwong says multipartism should only have worked for Parliament and the presidency.


Minister Without Portfolio in charge of political mobilisation Richard Todwong has said it was wrong to extend multiparty politics to districts because it works against service delivery.

“Some councils have failed to implement policies because of politics. Some fail to pass or implement even a single resolution because members are busy fighting each other on the basis of politics,” he said.

The minister was on Tuesday addressing Gulu and Mbarara district leaders at in Mbarara Town.
Mr Twodong said he had opposed the system during the constitutional review but hastily added he was not against multiparty politics.
He said multiparty politics should have been limited to Parliament and the presidency but not Districts.

In 2000 Ugandans voted in a referendum that brought back multiparty politics which had been banned by NRM for 15 years.

Gulu District speaker Douglas Okello agreed with Mr Twodong, saying service delivery should be the priority and not politics.
The 2011/2013 scorecard by Advocates Coalition for Development and Environment highlighted political fighting as reality which was failing service delivery at local government level.