Tuesday January 21 2014

Mum exhumes daughter’s body, cuts off her hands

By Malik Fahad Jjingo


Police in Bukomansimbi District are holding a 40-year-old woman for exhuming the remains of her daughter who was buried in her absence.

The suspect, a resident of Kiryasaaka had gone to visit her parents’ home in Kyengera near Kampala by the time the minor passed away a week ago. Residents mobilised and buried the minor.

On returning home, she decided to exhume the body to give her child what she called “a decent burial”. She claimed her daughter died at a time when both her parents were not at home to attend her burial yet they had to perform some rituals on her body because she was a twin.
However, locals accused the suspect of complaining about the little condolence fees that had been collected saying that she decided to exhume the remains of her daughter so that she can collect more fees.

Locals were shocked to find that hands were missing from the body and on asking her why she had chopped them off, she said that she lacked soup.
This angered residents who beat her up before she was rescued by police, that later arrested her.

The officer in charge of criminal investigations at Misanvu police station, Mr Johnson Turyareba, said that police would take the suspect for mental checkup. He added that after establishing that she is of sound mind she will be charged with disrupting the peace of the dead. The minor has been buried as the suspect is held at Misanvu police station.

Similar case

This is not the first case of exhuming a body with missing body parts. Last year, police in Luweero District arrested five suspects in the murder of an eight-year-old girl after exhuming the body for a second autopsy report. One of the suspects confessed to have murdered the girl with intention to get blood and some body parts.