Friday April 25 2014

Mumbere unhappy with King Oyo visit


King Oyo Nyimba of Tooro on Tuesday made a surprise visit to Kasese District, a move that didn’t please Rwenzururu Kingdom.
King Oyo’s royal entourage comprised of the Queen mother Best Kemigisa, Princess Ruth Komuntale and other Tooro kingdom officials.
They visited Kasese Town in the evening before proceeding to Kilembe Township.
The presence of King Oyo attracted the attention of the residents which prompted police to deploy.

Tooro Kingdom deputy information minister Vincent Mugume said King Oyo wanted to climb Mountain Rwenzori but rain foiled the plan.
Kasese deputy RDC Aminadabu Muhindo blamed the Rwenzururu kingdom officials for calling security just because King Oyo had entered the district without informing them.

“King Oyo and the royal family had done nothing wrong to come to Kasese but our people are fond of misinterpreting every situation. He has a right to visit the mountains like any other Ugandan...” Mr Muhindo said.

Rwenzururu displeased
King Mumbere said Tooro Kingdom royal family’s visit to Kilembe Township in Kasese without notifying the Rwenzururu Kingdom and the government was a wrong gesture.

“There must be mutual respect and cordial relations between the cultural institutions in Uganda because the visit of Omukama Oyo wouldn’t have been like that,” Mumbere said on Wednesday.
The Rwenzururu prime minister Noah Nzaghale denied allegations that kingdom supporters were planning to attack King Oyo and his team. “It is not true that our people had planned to attack the Tooro king but we were equally concerned about the surprise visit to our kingdom without our notice and to police,” the premier said.

He added: “We were scared that King Oyo and the team had come to demand their properties in Kilembe and Hima since the Tooro premier made the pronouncement last week on air that ‘hook or crook’ they will retain (sic) their properties in Kasese. So we wanted to know the intention of the visit.”
But District Police Commander Mr Michael Sabila Musani said King Oyo was in the district on a private visit.