Saturday March 15 2014

Museveni asked to take part in anti-gay walk

By Stephen wandera


Pastor Martin Ssempa has said he is organising a public procession in support of the new anti-gays law signed by President Museveni last month.
He said the procession will take place on Monday, March 24.
It will be flagged off at Makerere University, where the demonstrators will walk in support of the anti-gays legislation and wind up the procession at Kololo Airstrip.

“We stand by our President and our Parliament for enacting the law. This is a day to say no to sodomy (homosexuality),” Pastor Ssempa said in an interview on Thursday.
“President Yoweri Museveni has confirmed that he will be the chief walker,” Pastor Ssempa stated.
However, the President’s press secretary, Mr Tamale Mirundi, could not confirm or deny the President’s attendance as the chief walker.

“I cannot expose the President’s whereabouts and I cannot deny that Pastor Ssempa invited him,” Mr Mirundi said.
Pastor Ssempa threatened to mobilise religious leaders to convince their flock to boycott products of companies that support homosexuality.
“They should respect our culture or we shall mobilise the masses to shun their products,” Pastor Ssempa said.

oppose law
The month-old law, has been opposed by civil society organisations. On Tuesday, a coalition of 50 civil society organisations on human rights filed a petition in the Constitutional Court challenging the legality of the law on homosexuality.