Saturday February 13 2016

Museveni hands back Muslim land title

By Yasiin Mugerwa

President Museveni on Friday took the vote-hunt to Old Kampala Mosque where he handed back the title deed for the disputed Muslim land on William Street. The president who is looking for votes ahead of Thursday elections also promised to help jailed Muslim leaders get speedy trial.
The president brought the titled deed for William Street land and handed it over to Mufti-Sheikh Ramadhan Mubajje amid jubilation from animated Muslims shouting Takbir- Allah is great.
Museveni was the chief guest at Kampala Mosque on Friday
The president according to sources at State House paid city tycoon, Drek Lubega billions of shillings to forfeit his interests in the land that had been a centre of conflict.
Dressed in a yellow shirt, Mr Museveni sat at the mosque’s pulpit, next to Sheikh Mubajje, the current chair of Inter-Religious Council of Uganda.
Although tycoon Mr Lubega was the registered owner of the disputed land (Plot 30) on William Street, measuring 0.095 acres, the new title issued by the President on February 11 is in the names of Uganda Muslim Supreme Council.

On the plight of Muslim leaders on remand on charges of various assassination murders, Mr Museveni said: “I have not followed this matter well because I have been busy [on campaign trail] but I am going to find out how far their case has gone so that they [Muslim leaders] can get trial.”

In January last year, Nakawa magistrate’s court further remanded 18 people, including the Tabliq Muslim sect Amir Sheikh Muhamad Yunus Kamoga over terror related charges and murder of several Muslim leaders countrywide.

The Director for Sharia Sheik Yahya Kakungulu led Muslims in a special prayer for Museveni’s victory, unity and peace after the polls. Muslims leaders also cautioned believers against instigating violence after the polls.

Mr Museveni addressed rallies at Makerere University, Kawempe, Rubaga and Mukono district, marking the conclusion of his campaigns in Kampala, one of the hotly contested areas in this election. The president is expected to return to north and eastern Uganda this weekend.