Museveni promises to ‘fish’ more opposition members

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By Perez Rumanzi

Posted  Tuesday, December 3  2013 at  02:00

RUKUNGIRI- NRM will infiltrate the opposition to convert more opposition members to the ruling party in order enjoy the support it had previously, President Museveni has said.

“It is high time those still in the opposition FDC leave the lies and come back home and support development,” the President said at Rukungiri Stadium on Sunday.
He was addressing a rally in the district, one of the FDC party strongholds, where 3,200 people said they had defected to the ruling party.

Mr Museveni also pledged Shs120 million to support Saccos started by the group and urged traditional party members not feel that they are unappreciated.
“You forget all that money I have been sending through Saccos, Naads and other services. And you are concerned about that small money (Shs120 million)?” Mr Museveni asked.

Rujumbura County MP, also the district NRM chairperson Jim Muhwezi said many people had joined the opposition because they felt they were being neglected by the NRM yet they participated in the bush war struggle.

“They are not in opposition because they are following good ideas or anything, but simply because they feel they are neglected,” Gen Muhwezi said.

President Museveni, however, expressed skeptism about the new defectors’ stand and commitment, saying he would know more about them before handing over the donation.
“I was told that sometimes I am duped, they give me fake people. This is why I came with State House comptroller. When she was looking through the lists on computer she came across only 250 names.

The Rukungiri Municipality MP, Mr Roland Kaginda, however, told the Daily Monitor that the FDC was organising a bigger rally on Sunday to show that none of the defectors had truly crossed to NRM but had gone to Rwakitura and consequently to the Rukungiri Stadium for money.

“On December 8 you will see what will happen. All those who went to Rwakitura will be telling Dr Besigye Kizza why and taking back the NRM T-shirts,” Mr Mugume said.
President Museveni also pledged Shs60m to Christ the King Parish Church.