Museveni promotes 300 police officers

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Posted  Thursday, February 4   2016 at  10:18

KAMPALA. President Museveni has promoted more than 300 police officers in which four officers were elevated to the rank of assistant inspector general of police ( AIGP).

Senior commissioners Erasmas Twaruhukwa, the police legal officer, Ahmed Wafuba Waduwa, deputy directorate human resource and commissioner Haruna Isabirye, the director of operations, were promoted to the rank if assistant inspector general of police.

A Uganda Police Defence Force officer, Lt. Col. Atwooki Ndahura Birakurataki, who is the director of police intelligence, was also promoted to the rank of AIGP.

President Museveni promoted 12 commissioners and seven assistant commissioner to the rank of senior commissioner.
Several regional and district police commanders were promoted.<

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