Monday January 28 2013

Museveni to M23: List members killed by DR Congo government

By Agencies

President Museveni has asked leaders of the M23 rebel movement from the Democratic Republic of Congo to produce a list of members it claims were killed by the Joseph Kabila's government.

Museveni’s demand reportedly follow allegations by the rebels that they were rebelling because a section of their forces that had been integrated and deployed by the DR Congo government in Oriental Province was targeted and killed by government soldiers.

As a result, it is reported that the president, who is hosting peace negotiations between the rebels and the Joseph Kabila's government, asked the rebels to produce the names of their murdered colleagues.

The report emerged following a meeting on Thursday between Museveni and the rebel delegation at the president’s country home in Rwakitura, Kiruhura District.

Col. Felix Kulayigye, the Uganda People’s Defence Forces spokesperson, said on Saturday that although he was not aware about the meeting, it would not surprise him.

He explained that the president had previously asked the rebels to back their claim that they were being targeted by the Congo government and produce a list of their members who they claim the government had killed.

The M23 rebels last year gained prominence after they attacked government troops in eastern DRC and took over the town of Goma forcing thousands of civilians to flee to other parts of the country while others crossed into neighbouring Uganda and Rwanda.

Presently, the rebels and the Congolese government are involved in peace talks in Uganda under the International Conference on Great Lakes Region (ICGLR). The negotiation is intended to review the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 23 March 2009, a date the rebels coined to get their name, M23