Tuesday July 8 2014

Museveni to Ugandans: Use government projects

President Museveni flags off the construction of Mukono-Katosi road

President Museveni flags off the construction of Mukono-Katosi road in Kisoga village, Mukono District yesterday. PHOTO BY PPU 


Mukono- President Museveni has urged Ugandans to use infrastructural projects set up by the government to eradicate poverty in their homes.

Mr Museveni said while the government is constructing many roads, schools and hospitals, many Ugandans simply do not take advantage of the benefits accruing from them to boost their incomes.

“Development does not mean being rich. You might celebrate that the road is finally going to be constructed, how about in your homes? What have you done for yourself?” he asked yesterday while commissioning the construction of Mukono-Katosi/Kisoga-Nyenga road in Kisoga village, Mukono District.

Politicians warned
The President also explained that the reason the construction was delayed was to look for enough funding and cautioned local politicians against using the project for campaigns.

“There are those who have been moving among you, saying they put pressure on me [to work on the road]. This is not true,” Mr Museveni said.

However, the area Member of Parliament, Mr Peter Bakaluba Mukasa, told the President that many residents whose land was taken over by the government to pave way for the road have never been compensated.

“Mr President, we thank you for the project. However, our people are worried on where they are going next. None of them has ever been compensated to date and yet the construction is starting. We ask that all the people who were displaced be compensated before it is too late,” Mr Mukasa said
In response, the President said he cannot do all things as an individual and referred the matter to officials in his office.

According to Mr Abraham Byandala, the Works minister, the 74km road that runs through Mukono and Buikwe districts will be upgraded as an alternative route between Mukono and Jinja. The project is expected to be completed in the next three years.

“The road will have a carriage way width of 7.0m with1.5m wide sealed shoulders on either side. Some built areas will be provided with 2.5m extra parking lanes and 1.5 wide walk ways,” Mr Byandala said.

The road will be constructed by the EUTAW Construction Company, a USA company, with supervision from Arab Consulting Engineers from Egypt.