Sunday January 24 2016

Museveni will be safe - Baryamureeba

Presidential candidate Venansius Baryamureeba talks to

Presidential candidate Venansius Baryamureeba talks to residents at Kitalaganya Landing Site in Nakasongola District on Friday. Photo by Dan Wandera 


Nakasongola/Luweero- Independent presidential candidate Venansius Baryamureeba has assured war veterans in greater Luweero sub-region that if he is elected, President Museveni and his family will be safe.

Prof Baryamureeba, who addressed rallies at Kitalaganya, Lwampanga, Migyeera in Nakasongola District and Wobulenzi Town in Luweero District on Friday, claimed that the fear of persecuting Mr Museveni upon ceasing to be president after the February general election should not bother the veterans and other Ugandans concerned about his safety.

“President Museveni will be very safe in my government. You should not have any fear because his protection is assured. After serving for all that time, President Museveni needs to rest. The civil servants retire after 55 years.

The president is above those years and needs to rest,” Prof Baryamureeba told the fishing community at Kitalaganya and Lwampanga Landing Site.

The former Makerere University vice chancellor said greater Luweero districts have many war veterans who could be worried about the safety of President Museveni.

President Museveni led a five-year guerilla war in the Luweero triangle in 1981, which toppled the Uganda National Liberation Front junta in 1986. The triangle’s districts of Luweero, Nakasongola and Nakaseke are believed to have majority of the war veterans.

Prof Baryamureeba told Nakasongola residents, who are mostly cattle keepers and share water sources with animals, to vote him as next president to give them hope of improving their livelihoods.

“You people have no safe water because you lack the clean water sources. We need to establish the safe water sources. You should not share same water sources with animals,” Prof Baryamureeba said.

He also promised to improve livelihoods of the communities living around Lake Kyoga shores.
He said poor state of social infrastructure such as roads, schools and hospitals has been caused by the endemic corruption embedded in government, but not because the country lacks resources.