Friday June 27 2014

Mysterious deaths leave Busia residents in panic


Busia- Six mysterious deaths, including that of a pastor in Busia District, in the last one month have sparked off a wave of panic among residents.

The victims are Paul Saale of the Living Word Church, two businessmen; Abdu Oundo, and another only identified as Sihudu, Robert Oguba, the director of Namasere Secondary School, Robert Oguba and Zeblon Wanjere, a resident of Lunyo Sub-county.

Relatives say all deceased died suddenly without any form of illness. A case in point is Sihudu, who relatives say died on the morning of May 25 as he waited for his wife to serve him with breakfast.

Oundo also reportedly collapsed on the verandah of his house in Buhehe Trading Centre and was pronounced dead on arrival at Masafu Hospital.
Pastor Sande is said to have collapsed soon after preaching at a crusade and was pronounced dead on arrival at Masafu Hospital.

Wanjere reportedly developed complications and was taken to hospital where he died shortly.

The deaths have sparked off a debate about the causes, with a section of the public attributing them to witchcraft, while others believe they have been caused by an epidemic that the district health department is yet to point out.

However, the district health officer, Dr Oundo Bwire, said though his department is conducting investigations into the matter, he is aware that so many people have health complications which they are not aware of.