NRM’s 19-year-old Alengot elected Usuk MP

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NRM’s 19-year-old Alengot elected Usuk MP

Ms Proscovia Alengot Oromait (left), the 19-year-old Usuk County MP-elect, on the campaign trial with President Museveni days prior to the election. Ms Alengot victory in the by-election makes her Uganda's youngest MP ever. File Photo. 

By Richard Otim

Posted  Thursday, September 13   2012 at  12:12

The Electoral Commission this Thursday morning (12:34:21 AM) declared 19-year-old NRM candidate Ms Proscovia Alengot Oromait (NRM) winner of the Usuk parliamentary by-elections.

However, her age has led some to question whether she will perform her duties as Member of Parliament competently.

“I can’t just take it that NRM lacks adult supporters in Usuk. A youth like this MP (elect) is bound to make more mistakes than ever,” read one of the reactions on Facebook, a social media website.

Ms Aromait won the seat with 11,059 votes (54.2 per cent), cast from a total of 86 polling stations.

“Results for one polling station (though) came after declaration of the results. A vehicle which was sent to pick the results stuck and the results were only delivered in the morning,” said Mr Joseph Omona, the Katakwi returning officer.

He said a total of 38,238 voters were registered, with 21,103 (55.2%) turning up to vote in the by-election.

The exercise was however disrupted by heavy rains in some areas.

Ms Aromait replaces her father, who passed away this July, as Usuk MP.

It was not possible to get a comment from the MP-elect, who was said to be “busy, and cannot talk to the press now.”

Final Results:

Akileng Bob Paul 160 (0.8%)
Alengot Proscovoa Oromait 11,059 (54.2%)

The Electoral Commission thisThursday morning (12:34:21 AM)declared 19-year-old NRM candidateMs Proscovia Alengot Oromait(NRM) winner of the Usukparliamentary by-elections.

However, her age has ledsome to question whether shewill perform her duties asMember of Parliament competently.

“I can’t just take itthat NRM lacks adult supportersin Usuk. A youth likethis MP (elect) is boundto make more mistakes thanever,” read one of thereactions on Facebook, a socialmedia website.

Ms Oromait  wonthe seat with 11,059 votes(54.2 per cent), cast froma total of 86 pollingstations.

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