NRM cadre accused of taking over party chairmanship illegally

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Posted  Thursday, April 10   2014 at  17:39

A dispute has erupted among National Resistance Movement (NRM) officials in Kabarole over the party’s chairmanship in the district.
This follows the appointment of Mr Godfrey Nyakahuma, a former Kabarole NRM chairman as the Hoima Resident District Commissioner.
Some NRM officials accuse Mr Yakubu Gowani, a party cadre, of occupying the chairman’s position illegally.

During a press conference in Fort Portal Town on Wednesday, one of the party cadres, Mr Joseph Mashuhuko said: “I got surprised to hear Gowani introducing himself as an NRM chairman for Kabarole District during a talk show on Better FM and at a public debate at Kagote SDA Hall.”
He said it is wrong for Mr Gowani to claim the position when he was not duly elected.

When contacted, Mr Gowani said he was delegated to act as party chairperson by Mr Nyakahuma.
Mr Gownai added that under the party constitution, Mr Nyakahuma, who is the substantive party chairman, is empowered to delegate.
“There will be elections only when that office is vacant, for now it’s not,” Mr Gowani said.

He said as a loyal NRM official, he had effectively acted as Kabarole NRM chairperson on Mr Nyakahuma’s authorisation.

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