Saturday April 26 2014

NRM leaders shun Otafiire meeting


Mitooma District NRM party members have shunned the meetings their MP, Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, held to popularise the Kyankwanzi resolution at his home, saying he should have used the district grounds.

Last Saturday, Gen Otafiire and the district Woman MP Jova Kamateeka, invited some NRM members to Gen Otafiire’s home in Kashenshero Town Council to discuss the Kyankwanzi resolution that endorsed Mr Museveni as the party’s only presidential candidate for 2016 elections.

The district chairman, Mr Benon Karyaija, boycotted the meeting saying the minister used his aides to call him instead of doing it himself.
“Otafiire has my phone number. He would have given me a call instead of asking his secretaries to call me,” Mr Karyaija charged.

“He should not have used his home as a meeting place when Mitooma has other places for public meetings. That was not a private meeting, Otafiire should have used the district grounds where we waited the whole day,” he added.

Mitooma district NRM Workers League chairman Chris Gumisiriza said they could not go to Otafiire’s home because he turned the consultations private.
“We have not seen consultations take place in Mitooma. We are going to petition Mr Museveni so that our issue is settled,” Mr Gumisiriza said.

During the meeting residents complained of marginalisation of the district. The leaders tasked Gen Otafiire to explain why President Museveni has visited other new districts in Greater Bushenyi and not Mitooma.
Gen Otafiire said the President does not need to visit Mitooma because it is politically stable.