Monday January 11 2016

NRM mobilisers fight over Shs72m

Mr Apollo Kiiza, the chairperson NRM

Mr Apollo Kiiza, the chairperson NRM sensitisation group, addresses party members at Kakoba Divsion headquarters on Saturday. PHOTO BY FELIX AINEBYOONA 


MBARARA. NRM mobilisers in Mbarara district are fighting over Shs72m that has been sent through the Resident District Commissioner (RDC), Capt Martha Asiimwe, to mobilise people to attend President Museveni’s rally in Mbarara on Tuesday.

During the NRM meeting for party mobilisers at Kakoba Division offices on Saturday, Mr Apollo Kizza, the chairperson NRM sensitisation group, said his group, whose patron is Col Geoffrey Sikagi, has been organising a community dialogue to explain developments brought by NRM government for more than three years but has not been considered during the distribution of money to NRM mobilisers traversing the district.
Mr Kizza said when the RDC directed them to get facilitation and T-shirts to mobilise supporters for the President, some NRM mobilisers rebuffed them regarding them as masqueraders and only gave them posters.

“Fred Kafooko [NRM mobiliser] only gave us President Museveni posters yet the RDC had directed that they give us T-shirts and money as our facilitation. He told us he does not recognise us, but if we do not receive our money, we shall defect to opposition,’’ said Mr Kizza.
However, Mr Kafooko said: “I belong nowhere in the NRM circles, if the RDC sent them [to me], she sent them to the wrong person. And I have never seen them. It is because everybody thinks that when you get money in western Uganda, you must have got it from President Museveni. Kafooko is just a businessman and supporting President Museveni does not mean that I give people money,” he said.

Mr Deus Mutare, the treasurer of Mbarara NRM sensitisation group, said: “We were sent by the RDC to receive money to mobilise for our President but Fred Kafooko does not value us together with our Patron Col Sikagi yet the RDC had earlier told us of the Shs72m she received from her boss for us to use in the process. If we are not considered, we shall disband the team,’’ said Mr Mutare.