Sunday May 25 2014

NRM party leaders face disciplinary action


Kabale- Three NRM party leaders in Kabale District have been lined up for disciplinary action for regularly accompanying Ndorwa East MP Wilfred Niwagaba who was expelled together with four other MPs from the party last year.
Kabale District NRM secretary Amos Rwanshaija on Thursday said the party’s district youth councillor, Mr Alex Owamani, the district councillor for Buhara Sub-county, Mr Johnson Baguma and the district female youth councillor, Ms Adrine Tumukunde, have continued to support Mr Niwagaba, contrary to the party guidelines.

He warned other party members in the district against such acts.

Illegal move
The accused NRM leaders are indicted for moving with Mr Niwagaba in the constituency as he consults and addresses voters on various issues.

“Steps are being put in place to talk to these leaders and if they refuse they shall face disciplinary action. Party members that associate and support a leader that was expelled by the party commit an offence. We shall not tolerate such indiscipline,” Mr Rwanshaija said last week.

However, Mr Baguma and Mr Owamani were adamant they would continue supporting and associating with Mr Niwagaba.

“I am ready to appear before the disciplinary committee but I shall continue supporting and associating with Mr Niwagaba because he is my MP. As a member of the NRM delegates conference, I oppose the Kyankwanzi resolution,” Mr Baguma charged.

He added: “I will do the same when we convene for the delegates conference. Why should government spend taxpayers’ money on popularising President Museveni who is already popular instead of using it to construct good community roads and stocking health centres with drugs?”

Mr Owamani too said he was ready to face disciplinary action and would continue supporting Mr Niwagaba until court decides his fate.

Recently, the State minister for East African Affairs, Mr Shem Bagaine, likened Mr Niwagaba to the Biblical prodigal son who deserted his father’s homestead referring to Niwagaba’s quitting NRM.