Saturday March 19 2016

NRM supporters protest release of party registrar


LYANTONDE. More than 40 NRM flag bearers and party supporters on Monday stormed Lyantonde Police Station protesting the release of the party registrar, who was arrested last weekend over alleged misappropriation of party funds.
The suspect was arrested in Wakiso District last Friday and transferred to Lyantonde Police Station, but he was released on Sunday evening on the orders of the district police commander, Mr Rogers Kapere, which annoyed NRM supporters in the district.
Local NRM leaders in the area blame the party loss in the recently concluded local council elections on the registrar’s “selfish interests”.

“We couldn’t have suffered such a loss if our candidates had funds to facilitate their campaigns. The party secretariat had released money but it was misused by district party officials,” Mr Fred Muhangi, the Lyantonde District NRM chairperson, said.
The registrar is accused of embezzling Shs38 million, which was meant to facilitate more than 100 NRM flag bearers during the recently concluded local council elections in Lyantonde District.

The party flag bearers, including those who were vying for district councillor seats and LC3 posts, were supposed to get between Shs250,000 and Shs1m, which the registrar did not release. Candidates who did not receive their money reported the matter to police, who later arrested the registrar.
However, in his defence, Mr Kapere said police released the registrar on police bond after agreeing that he pays back the money and asked the aggrieved party members to stay calm.
“People should know that being released on police bond does not mean someone is acquitted of the offence, he said.